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Writing Love Letters

It has been said that Love Letters contain words that are the most often kept and the most often burnt.

The Love Letter is an expression of feelings for another person which contain your most inner feelings. It may be a forum to move your love for that special person to the next level of intimacy.

When you decide the time is right to express your feelings for that special woman or man, there are several creative ideas you may want to incorporate into your letter for added impact.

The letter you write should come from the heart. Do not worry if you are not a professional writer, what is important in the letter is that you are sincere, honest, and caring. Some basic rules should be followed in writing the love letter.

Consider hand writing the letter in your own handwriting on specialty paper.

The authors of 18th century love letters were masters at this form of letter writing. They would use special parchment paper, hand written with a quill; the envelope was sealed with wax and bundled with special ribbon. They were concerned with presentation as well as content.
Companies such as Office Depot, Kinko's and Staples sell specialty paper which adds major impact to your letter.

If your handwriting is considered to be of physician quality and might actually distract from the letter, may I suggest you seek out a person who is skilled at the art of Calligraphy. I have found individuals who perform this task of transcribing a letter at a very reasonable price.

It is difficult to describe the impact this type of presentation makes to your loved one. It is not uncommon for the recipient of such a letter to have the letter framed and displayed in a special place in their home.

Another suggestion for the presentation aspect of the letter, is the addition of a small photograph glued to the top of the letter. This allows the recipient to view the photograph and reflect on you with fondness as they admire your letter content.

Spelling accuracy is an absolute must when writing any letter. Misspelled words are symbols of carelessness, which can distract from your message. Consider the message you may be sending to your loved one, when you do not take the time to look up a questionable word in the dictionary.

With regards to content, you should write from the heart with layman terms. Avoid large complicated words when a simple one will do.

The opening and closing of the love letter are very important as they set the tone for the entire letter.

Determine the stage of your love. For example, you would not want to start a letter with "My Darling Love, Traci" if you have only dated her for two weeks.
A more appropriate opening may be "To Traci, with warmest affection."

The opposite rule would apply if your love has moved into a more intimate area. You would not want to write a lesser opening and risk sending the wrong signal to your lover that may suggest you are only friends.

Here are 38 words that may assist you with forming the content of your letter:
Alluring, Kisses, Embracing, Voyage, Blossoms, Stars, Angel, Lover, Elation, Sensuality, Heart, Giving, Darling, Rose, Absence, Seeing, Tasting, Touching, Holding, Caressing, Memories, Content, Lascivious, Beautiful, Gorgeous Vision, Privileged, Adoring, Velvet, Rainbow, Happy, Passion, Innocent, Dreaming, Delirious, Temptation, Complete, Desire.

When closing the love letter, it should add impact that sums up your feelings in a few words.
For example, Yours unconditionally, ... Your beloved Husband, ... My love, ... With heartfelt love, ... I long for your touch, love, ...

Above all, have fun with writing to the person of your dreams. Think of the smile it would bring to your loved one to find a special letter from you under her/his pillow.
These letters are cherished by the recipient and often kept for a lifetime.

Tap into your creativity and use your imagination.

With love and heartfelt admiration,

Mark Dovel

Mark Dovel is a freelance writer who has been writing articles for several years. His specialty is outstanding love letters. If you need assistance with writing this type of letter, please contact him at P O Box 611, Bonsall CA 92303 or call 760 726-5571.

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